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DISC & Motivators

The DISC & Motivators assessment measures and provides an insight into behaviour, emotions and values that influence decision-making.

DISC is an acronym for the four primary behavioural tendencies:

D – Dominance: Direct and Guarded, Fast-paced and Task-oriented, Focuses on Problems & Challenges, Assertive
I – Influence: Direct and Open, Fast-paced and People-oriented, Focuses on People & Contacts, Persuasive
S – Steadiness: Indirect and Open, Slow-paced and People-oriented, Focuses on Pace & Consistency, Supportive
C- Conscientious: Indirect and Guarded, Slow-paced and Task-oriented, Focuses on Procedures & Constraints, Analytical

A series of online and face-to-face interviews establish each person’s unique DISC style, providing invaluable insights into their thinking, working and communication styles. It also reveals the subconscious motivations for their decisions.

For leaders, it provides a profound level of self-awareness and insight into their leadership style and what makes the people on their team tick. The DISC profile reveals to each person how to adapt their style to those around them if they are aiming to build trust, make people feel comfortable and form long-lasting relationships.

Sales IQ Plus

The Sales IQ Plus assessment essentially answers the question, “What, specifically, is keeping this person from selling more?” 

This award-winning sales skill assessment was jointly developed by best-selling authors Jeffrey Gitomer (The Sales Bible,) Jim Cathcart (Relationship Selling) and Dr. Tony Alessandra (The Platinum Rule for DISC Sales Mastery.)

Sales IQ Plus measures a sales professional’s understanding and effectiveness of the strategies required to sell successfully in any environment by measuring eight areas of competency:

       Preparing – Knowledge, sales tools and frame of mind
       Targeting – identifying prospective targets
       Connecting – reaching people on an intellectual and emotional level
       Assessing – understand the customer’s needs and wants
       Solving  – identifying the problem you are solving for the customer
       Confirming – gaining the customer’s commitment
       Assuring – delivering on the promise and forming a relationship
       Managing – on-going management of the account

The Sales IQ Plus assessment is an objective analysis designed as a starting point. It provides a personalised map of where the individual is now and what they need to improve by offering specific insights and responses based on their results.

Critical Thinking – Hartman Value Profile (HVP)

Our brain is making decisions before we are even consciously aware of it. These decisions are influenced by the different biases that affect our judgment.

The Hartman Value Profile (HVP), based on the work of Dr Robert S. Hartman and Wayne Carpenter, measures each individual’s capacity for critical thinking by looking at how they analyse and solve problems, understand priorities and identify blind spots.

The assessment measures three core thinking dimensions: Intuitive, Practical and Systems.

Emotional Intelligence (EIQ)

The Emotional Intelligence (EIQ) assessment helps business leaders recognise their emotions and how they impact their behaviour and decision-making. It measures emotional awareness, how emotional information guides unbiased thinking and behaviour, and how emotions influence their management style.

This understanding leads to the behavioural change necessary to achieve better overall outcomes in their professional and personal life.

“Accept yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses, your truths, and know what tools you have to fulfil your purpose.”

Steve Maraboli

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