Translating Science into real-life Experiences

Think Space Co draws on various proven, globally recognised behavioural assessment systems to tailor solutions for each client’s circumstances. There’s more information on each of these systems below.

However, conducting the testing is only one part of the equation. The correct interpretation of the data to understand its implications in real-life settings is vital to its proper application.

Our understanding and experience in applying each psychometric testing model across many businesses and organisations make us one of the few consultancies qualified to provide these services in Australia. Learn more about Think Space Co-founder Jaymini Mistry.

This is why Think Space Co is accredited to provide training and certification for other business coaches. Learn more.

Please look at examples of how Psychometric Testing has been applied to different industries.

Case Studies

Here are some real-life examples of how Psychometric Testing has provided solutions to different scenarios. These examples are all based on real-life projects; however, the names of companies and individuals have been omitted in accordance with our strict confidentiality policy.

1. Taking it to the Board

Think Space was engaged by the senior executive of a national company concerned by the need for more cohesion within her direct team. The team undertook a series of coaching sessions and psychometric assessments to improve the group’s awareness, understanding and communication.

The programme made a significant improvement in the way the team worked. The executive was so impressed she proposed the idea to her board to improve performance and cohesion among its members.


  • Individual Executive Coaching for the executive and eight board members
  • DISC & Motivators Assessments
  • Hartman Value Profiling

Outcome: Despite initial resistance from some board members, within a few sessions, they were won over and engaged in the process.

Using the Hartman Value Profile, the team identified a major blind spot, which challenged their self-perception and led to better and more effective communication between board members.

The board has since acknowledged the programme has positively impacted their individual performances and that of the company.

1. The New General Manager

A new GM recruited from outside the industry was struggling to work with his team. Although individually the team members were performing, they were not functioning as a cohesive, effective team with poor levels of engagement.

Solution: Individual executive coaching for the GM, combined with DISC assessments for both the GM and all full team including the board of directors.

Outcome: The DISC profiles allowed the GM to change his communication and management style. Instead of feeling micro-managed, the team became engaged, excited and united. The organisational culture improved, and productivity lifted resulting in a YOY increase of 20% in revenue.

Following the changes in leadership style the organisation went on to win a major Australian Business Excellence Award for Best Community Impact.

3. Expanding a Legal Firm

A small legal practice becomes very successful within two years, after picking up a prestigious award for excellence. The company founder sees the opportunity to grow the firm but hesitates without having any strategy or systems in place for Human Resources, Marketing or Business Growth.

Solution: Individual Executive Coaching for the founder and partners combined with DISC, motivators and Hartman Value Profile profiling of the team. 

Outcome: A clear understanding of the behaviours, motivators and thinking styles of the team, allows them to identify their shared goals, vision and values. Once they knew what type of firm they wanted to be, it was easier to create the systems and structures to make it happen.

A business coach was involved in the recruitment and selection of new lawyers ensuring all successful candidates integrated easily with the rest of the team and were aligned with the firm’s vision and values.

In addition to pursuing their successful growth strategy, under focused and confident leadership, the firm and experienced an improvement in workplace culture, time management and revenue with one lawyer doubling their billings. 

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