Leadership is not a final destination. It is a process of learning, improving, and adapting.

Leadership coaching is about acknowledging what individuals and teams are doing well, recognising what needs improvement or change, and selecting the best tools and methods to achieve it. 

What’s covered

  • Identify the values and behaviours of the individual
  • Greater clarity, focus and strategic direction
  • Improved relationship and teamwork
  • Enhanced levels of competence and confidence
  • Increased motivation and commitment
  • Emotional support, empathy and encouragement
  • Enhanced leadership quality and improved succession planning
  • Goal accomplishment

What’s involved

  • A structured coaching session, typically six face-to-face or video conferencing sessions and calls in between sessions if needed, usually over 12 weeks.
  • Support as needed.
  • A programme tailored to the client’s needs with agreed goals and action plan

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