My clients tell me that understanding the values and motivations of their team is like having a secret power.

There is nothing secret about it, but it does require a shift in your own thinking.

Jaymini - Director

Think Space Co was founded in 2015 to combine the most advanced psychometric assessment and leadership coaching practices into one all-encompassing consultancy.

Jaymini is one of Australia’s most qualified DISC and Motivators and Critical Thinking psychometric profiling practitioners. She also holds a Masters in Change Innovation and Leadership from Victoria University and is completing a Masters in Positive Psychology at The University of Melbourne. Jaymini is also an Advanced Certified Practitioner by the International Coaching Federation and is an Associate Lecturer at Monash University teaching Professional Development. 

Jaymini has a proven track record in helping people transform their thinking, make decisions, manage their teams and achieve their professional and personal objectives.

Jaymini discovered her interest and enthusiasm for leadership and management while running her Optometry business in the UK. Implementing coaching and mentoring techniques with her team resulted in a significant lift in staff morale and engagement and a 64% increase in sales over three years.

This led to extensive studies in business coaching and the value of psychometric profiling in understanding the different ways people think, work, communicate and see the world.

She went from improving people’s vision to improving their inner vision.

“Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power”

Lao Tzu

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